About us

We participate in the Management of Strategic Change in Organizations, with a strong emphasis on the co-creation of solutions with customers, providing advice through our specialized executives and the application of various Methodologies and Data Analysis Models, which accompany to walk the path of Technological Transformation.

Strategic Change Management

  • Planning, creation and implementation of cultural transformation strategies
  • Facilitation of incorporation of new technologies, redesign of processes and structures
  • Development of change agents (key people) within the organization
  • Design and management of training, high impact training workshops

Our Consulting vision integrates Organizational Strategy Models with a multidisciplinary and innovative vision, experienced and oriented to obtaining effective results.

Organizational Strategy Models

  • Strategic Analysis and Organizational Diagnosis
  • Frameworks for digital transformation and customer experience

We collaborate with companies to develop capacity and culture of innovation, providing the appropriate tools that promote the identification of efficiencies, continuous improvement and process automation.

Scope of our practice

  • Simplification and optimization of business processes through technology
  • Development of digital capacities
  • Customer experience design
  • Incorporate innovation capabilities
  • Development of new marketing formats and business models
  • Design and execute open innovation processes

Know us

Gonzalo D'Angelo
Max Manzella
Trusted Advisor @Mexico
Rodrigo Yañez
Business Development Manager
Fernando Sormilich
Delivery Manager
Silvio Ricagno
Head of Dev
Paulino Mota Hernandez
Trusted Advisor @Mexico
Ezequiel Bianucci
Growth & Customer Success Manager
Rodrigo Freitas
Head of Data
Gabriela Stele