Industry 4.0

Technologies 4.0 allow optimizing production, agricultural and livestock processes among other industries. Through our Sensor Design and Construction, Communications Technologies, Big Data and Advanced Analytics services, we help our clients create smart factories, more productive fields and innovative products.

Tech 4.0 help in:

Operational excellence, adopting Predictive Maintenance or Plant Downtime Prevention.
Interconnection of plants and integration of IT systems with manufacturing systems.
Vertical solutions for #SmartAgro / #SmartHealth.
Stock and Logistics Optimization.
Smart Governments.
Blockchain Solutions for Smart Contracts.

Industry 4.0
IoT and Analytics that increase of controls and production by offering real-time information.

Smart Cities
Technologies that generate results to the citizen context solving specific individual or group needs.

Open Innovation
Change agents in corporations and government that seek to leverage innovation.

Tech4.0 Success Cases

Agro Business | Intelligent Tourism