Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence in your business

Big data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. Everyone now has an idea of what these concepts mean, but do you know enough to apply those concepts to your business?

“… We all become data producers. Every time we buy a product, every time we rent a movie, visit a web page, write a blog or post on social media, even when we are just walking or driving, we are generating data. “

Ethem Alpaydin

Machine Learning is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence, and we can describe it as the study of statistical methods and algorithms used by computers to perform a task, without being explicitly told what. Machine Learning is especially effective in pattern recognition, and it is said that the computer “learns” since it tries to find patterns in the data that is provided without being expressly programmed to do so and the way it learns is through algorithms that we design for this purpose.

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It is very important to know what machine learning is, but knowing how to apply ML to your business can save you money. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a great benefit to companies that are modernising their analytics tools and can bring a very valuable differential, but to understand what Machine Learning means and how to apply it to your business successfully you can see a summary in this ebook specially prepared for you.

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