Open Innovation

We work on open innovation projects for companies and governments that require solutions to particular problems. We like William Coyne’s definition: “Creativity is thinking of new and appropriate ideas whereas innovation is the successful implementation of those ideas within an organization. In other words creativity is the concept and innovation is the process.”
That is why we apply a 4-step methodology:

1 - Ideas.
First creative phase. We analyze the challenge, and launch a search for potential innovative solutions based on brain storming, mind mapping and other creative processes, which generate inspiration that is subsequently evaluated and finally launched.
2 - Concepts.
Second creative phase. In this phase, it is when our value propositions are put to the test turning that new idea into something tangible, functional, moving towards a prototype but at the same time allows us to continue thinking how to evolving the concept.
3 - Prototype.
First innovative phase. It is here when the concept is a reality and it is time to perform Technical, Functional and Business tests.
4 - Feedback
Second innovative phase. It is time to collect feedback from users, testers, market, and anyone who can bring a new enriching vision. This phase feeds phase 1 and generates a constant improvement cycle.

Innovation current projects:

Buffalo solutionSensors