We are a company with a collaborative, agile, innovative culture and with strong focus in customer centric. 54cuatro is envolved in Strategic Change Management in Organizations, with a strong emphasis on the co-creation of solutions with customers, providing advice through our specialized executives and the application of Methodologies and Data Analysis Models, which accompany to walk the path of Technological Transformation.

We are an Argentine company with presence in Mexico and Spain, collaborating in Digital Transformation of our clients with IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning projects on Cloud platforms, which we approach with different methodologies & work cultures such as DevOps & DataOps, creating links that they become innovative solutions, understanding the business and problems of our clients.

The companies and projects in which we work are carried out by and for people, which is why our mission is to create interactive experiences, listening., getting involved., committing ourselves., participating.,building long-term relationships.

At 54cuatro we want to be a company that generates a positive impact in the world based on collaborative, supportive, leadership and innovation values; That leads us on the path we call: #GrowthWithPurpose.