Banco Ficohsa

FICOHSA is a Honduran bank, founded on July 18, 1994 in Tegucigalpa and has been defined as FICOHSA Financial Group since 1998, since it is made up of five companies: Ficohsa Banco, Ficohsa Seguros, Casa de Bolsa, Cards Credit, Ficohsa Pensiones y Cesantías and Casa de Cambio.


The bank #FICOHSA required a secure transmission platform that complies with SWIFT standards, which provides confidentiality, integrity and mutual authentication of data in transit.

Proposed solution

Appealing to our experience and guaranteeing the standards that are usually required in banking institutions, we put together an MFT solution based on #IBM technology for which we put together Development and Production instances, with virtualized servers where we run IBM MQ for flow orchestration.

Managed File Transfer transfers files between systems in a managed and auditable manner, regardless of file size or operating systems used.

You can use Managed File Transfer to create a customized, scalable, and automated solution that enables you to manage, trust, and protect file transfers. Managed file transfer eliminates costly redundancies, reduces maintenance costs, and maximizes your existing IT investments.