Cámara Argentina de Comercio Electrónico.

What is CACE?

CACE is a organization that brings together different actors of e-commerce, among them, Logistics Operators, Payment Methods, Retail Chains and retail businesses. In addition to promoting e-commerce, #CACE is an organizer of key dates such as #CyberMonday and #BlackFriday.


CACE needed an analytics platform to gather data from the industry, market verticals, and other countries.

Proposed solution

Due to the complexity of the data that is managed, fully denormalized, it was proposed to move forward with a ‘Data Collection’ strategy towards a #DataLake built in #GCP.

Before the beginning of the project, a design and governance stage was carried out, where we determined the best Data Management policies, based on the #DAMA methodology.

At a technological level, we implement functions that allow us to automate the ingestion of different sources, and Google Big Query to process the information that is later used in BI dashboards.

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