Use Case: Business Intelligence for SMB

Executive Summary

Our BI solution for small and medium businesses allows you to have a vision of all the functional areas of the company, from accounting, to warehouse or production. Data and reports that can be easily shared within the company, adapted to the needs of the different departments of the company.

This tool is designed so that the data treatment is carried out in real time with the necessary agility.


1- Access to information provides a rapid return on investment (ROI).
2- It allows senior management to obtain a summary of the business in just the right time from any device and at any time. This grants speed and flexibility of action.
3- Help each area to gain autonomy. It provides key metrics for adjusting all internal gears for better business profitability.
4- It allows to standardize reports and to evaluate the different areas with the same criteria.
5- Eliminate repeated tasks that do not add VALUE and unify the data so that each area can analyze their numbers and that they coincide with those of another area.

NPS (Net Promote Score)

On a scale of 1 to 10, to what extent would you be willing to recommend the company to your relatives or acquaintances?

Level 1Level 2
Ask predisposition for recommendation
Segment the client portfolio
Calculate NPS
Inquire about the reasons for the recommendation

NPS Indicators:

Descriptive Indicators
What happens when there is a customer interaction with any point of contact in the company. Phone waiting time or employee friendliness are included in this category: activities and processes that are valued by customers and create their perceptions.

Indicators of Perception
They express what customers think and feel about what has happened in their interaction with the company. It is what is measured with scales of satisfaction or effort for the relationship.

Outcome Indicators
What customers are likely to do as a result of their interactions. Based on customer interaction and evaluation, you decide whether to continue, buy more, or recommend the company to your friends and family. Thus, loyalty indicators – and the #NPS is one of them – constitute the “results” that companies seek. The customer who consumes more, spends more time with the company and brings in new customers, is its engine of growth.

These indicators allow you to relate what a company does (Processes), with what they think about their actions (Perceptions), with the result for the business through what customers do (Recommendation). And as we already know, a high recommendation or loyalty generates economic growth (#ROI).

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